How are your pots different?

Our pots are made of concrete making them more durable, more breathable then plastic, and due to their artisanal hand painting, no two will ever be the same. Each pot is made by hand from start to finish in our San Diego, CA based warehouse by our incredible team of artisans and craftsmen.

What is your Return Policy?

Our pots are delicate and we try our best to pack them tightly with care and attention, they will occasionally chip or crack during shipping. If so, please contact us within 2 days of receiving the order with a photo of the damage and we will reissue the order as soon as we can at no additional cost.

Do you offer Custom Orders?

Yes, we love custom orders! Inquire here for Custom Orders and we will get back to you as soon as we can!
On average a custom order lead time is about 2-3 weeks.

Do you offer Wholesale Orders?

Yes! If you have a current wholesale account with us please visit our Wholesale Shop to order. If you’re interested in starting one, or would like a digital copy of our catalog please inquire here for Wholesale Orders.

What if I have trouble finding the right plant for my pot?

If you are having trouble picking the perfect plant for your new pot please send us a message and we will help you find the best plant for its new home. We will take into account how much sunlight it will get, if it is indoor or outdoor, among other criteria to recommend the plant most suitable for you to the best of our knowledge.

My plant isn’t doing so well, can you help?

Yes, our course! Our founder Blaine has a wealth of plant knowledge, care tips, and maintenance recommendations. Send us a message and she will recommend the best next step for your plant.