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 Handmade in San Diego, CA

Each pot is hand-poured and hand-painted in our San Diego based warehouse, giving each one a unique character all it’s own.


Our Founder

Blaine Tiongson, a native San Diegan and mom of two, is changing the way we look at concrete. Opening Momma Pots® in 2017, Blaine is bringing her passion for Mother Nature to the forefront; encouraging others to connect with plant life by bringing the outdoors in with hand-painted, impeccably designed, concrete pots.

Momma Pots is the child of Mother Nature herself and we hope you enjoy!


 Concrete is Better

Not only is concrete more durable and lasts longer than traditional planters, it provides a safe haven for your plants - insulating the soil for better temperature control, more breathable than plastic, and adds a unique touch to your home or garden.


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 Designed with Care

Our team is the heart of Momma Pots. Led by our founder Blaine, our team hand-crafts each pot from start to finish; pouring, painting, and sealing each one with the same tenderness and care.



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