Nothing compares with the wonder of nature. Blaine Tiongson knows this on the deepest level. Blooming flowers, trees dancing in the wind, succulents growing babies—the beauty is endless. It’s this sense of awe that she wants to share, and the reason she’s poured her passion into inspiring others to slow down and appreciate their own natural surroundings.

Since Momma Pots’ humble beginnings in Blaine’s garage through today’s placement in 1,300+ plus stores worldwide, more than two million of her modern designs, made to enhance the plant life they hold, have brought happiness to people’s homes. Top-notch quality, accessible pricing, unique designs, extraordinary colors, a focus on eco-friendly products and packaging, and a magical exclusive partnership with a family-owned, woman-led Chinese manufacturer have created a brand that is both beloved and inspired.

With help from her husband Joel, Momma Pots’ warehouse manager, and the encouragement of her two kids, Keegan and Grey, Blaine’s dreams-come-true are creating a community of like-minded plant lovers, nurturing a connection to beauty and nature.


Blaine Tiongson is inspired by things that grow. The San Diego native spent her childhood on three acres of land, zigzagged with creeks and teeming with plants, where a love of nature settled deep in her bones. After spending 15 whirlwind years rising the ranks in the restaurant industry, a life-changing car accident forced Blaine to slow down. That’s when she returned to her roots, cultivating a magnificent garden at her San Diego home. It filled her with a happiness so deep she couldn’t help but want to share it. She decided to pour her creative spirit into making beautiful vessels that would inspire others to connect with nature too, and Momma Pots was born.


Currently, select Momma Pots Gemstone Cylinders and Hand-painted Cylinders are available for purchase on our Shop Retail page. Momma Pots products not listed in our Shop Retail page are available only to shops and retailers worldwide. If you are a shop owner who would like to carry Momma Pots, please complete our Wholesale Application. If you are an individual looking to buy one of our products, please go to our Where to Buy page and look for the retailer nearest your location, or peruse our custom hand-painted collection—at this time, these special hand-painted pieces are the only ones we sell individually and directly to consumers.

Momma Pots' Team

Blaine Tiongson

Founder & CEO
Blaine wants to share her dreams with the world and see others get inspired by things that grow. In early 2017, she started Momma Pots out of her garage with the support of Joel, her husband. Blaine believes in the therapeutic benefits of nature and has fulfilled one of her core values by intertwining this passion with her work.

Joel Tiongson

Warehouse Manager & Logistics Coordinator
Joel served our country with the United States Navy for 12 years. Now a Military Veteran, he brings with him their core values which are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. A loving husband to Blaine and caring father to their two kids, he is the backbone of Momma Pots. Joel also brings over a decade of Administrative Management experience from being a specialist at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in San Diego, California.

Danica Mirrasoul

Operations Manager

Danica is a native San Diegan with a background in fine art & design. She is foodie who loves to cook and has a couple decades of experience in the Hospitality industry as Customer Service, General Management, Controller. She's happily married to her husband Paul since 2012, they have two dogs, Otto and Penelope. She loves to get away to a family cabin in the San Bernardino National Forest when ever she can so the dogs can run free. She can be in nature and around all of the native plants that grow in the mountains near the Santa Ana River. 

Savannah Metcalfe

Lead Designer
Savannah is an artist, activist, and eclectic cluster of creative energy. She graduated in 2021 from Cal State San Marcos with a major in Visual and Performing Arts and is the first college graduate in her family. In their free time, they like to create art of all forms, roller skate, and be a world renowned rockstar. Savannah has been with Momma Pots for 3 years and is our OG employee. Their mantra for life is “just do it and see what happens.” Her goal in life is to be happy and to be the change in the world never thought possible. 

Analia, Jessica, and Laurie

Photography & Marketing Team

The creatives behind the marketing and visuals for the Momma Pots brand. This trio is fueled by coffee, cameras, and colors. Laurie and Analia tell the story of business, capture its essence with photoshoots and Jessica's talents behind the lens. In their free time, all three are growing their own personal pot collection and strive to keep their plants happy/alive/not dead. Follow them at @shay.studios and @the.creative.clique

Keegan and Grey

The Kiddos

Our adorable dynamic duo that keeps us entertained, motivated, and inspired every step of the way. Keegan, better known as Blaine’s Mini Me, is bright, creative, and a plant lover all her own. Grey is a little bundle of fun; always on the move and ready to explore.

As a business, Momma Pots is sowing the seeds Blaine planted when she first launched the brand, and the future is blooming with even more growth and beauty. New shapes and textures are in the works, she’s never not thinking about unique colors to bring to life, and a brick-and-mortar expansion is just one of the next dreams that might soon be a reality.

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